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Hi, I'm Michael Brandon of Heat Pump Masters, Auckland.

Heat Pumps Auckland Michael's Bio:

Michael Brandon operates Heat Pump Masters as a lead generation business for heat pumps Auckland and New Zealand wide. He is approaching heat pump businesses that are not ranking top ten for their heat pump related phrases, who would like another method of sourcing leads. He is using their combined marketing power to get one website ranked high to generate business for them all.


Heat pumps are a heavily promoted product in New Zealand. Heat pump manufacturers invest heavily in television and other promotions to promote their brand. As such, the search results are competitive, but still open for a qualified SEO consultant like Brandon to be able to place a website high on the results.


Heat pumps are a very efficient form of heating and cooling. Like a fridge, they extract heat from the air and so cool, or heat depending on the requirements. For every watt of energy consumed, they provide over 3 watts of heat or cooling. But even this can be expensive if not used properly. Rooms should be adequately insulated and with good curtaining so as to keep the heat in or out. There should also be good use of timers so rooms are not unneccessarily heated or cooled. A number of modern systems even use mobile phones as controllers.


Heat Pump Masters is promoting Heat Pumps Auckland as well as Heat Pumps Hamilton and Heat Pumps Wellington. Then in the South Island of New Zealand, the business is promoting Heat Pumps Christchurch and Heat Pumps Dunedin. Operators are sought after in each of the areas.

Heat Pumps Auckland Michael's Experience:

  • Director at Heat Pump Masters

Heat Pumps Auckland Michael's Education:

  • Massey University

    Concentration: Accounting

Heat Pumps Auckland Michael's Interests & Activities:

Road Cycling, Church, Flute Playing, Family

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